Every learner feels valued and inspired in our innovative education system.


We are committed to provide a functional modern school that enables quality teaching and learning to protect promote the right of every learner to quality, equitable and relevant education.

A bit more about our school…

Dr W.K. Du Plessis is a school that caters for learners with special educational needs from grade 1 to 12 including D-Caps differentiated curriculum). The school is dual medium, accommodating English and Afrikaans learners on on primary and high school level. Our classes are designed with small class sizes so that maximum individual time is spent on learners who need extra academic reinforcement. The school also has a number of licensed therapists and psychologists that provide support in needed areas.

The primary school offers subject such as English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Personal and Social Well-being, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Technology, Art and Economic and Management Sciences. The D-Caps curriculum offers English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Art, Gardening and Consumer studies. The high school offers a National Senior Certificate in English, Afrikaans, Mathematical Literacy, Consumer Studies, Agricultural Technology, Visual Art, Computer Applications Technology and Tourism.

We offer the following sport: Rugby, Athletics, Soccer and Netball.